I wrote 66 entries in 2008. I wrote 74 entries in 2007. This says nothing of the quality of these entries. However, I failed in writing more in 2008 than in 2007. My readers thirst for more content! In 2009 I will surpass the entries from 2007.

With that done, on to the part where I said something about masturbation. Post-modern psychic masturbation. Whatever that is.

I style myself a proponent of the technology and leverage-ready paradigm that is social media. But in 2009, the social media pupa has to burst from its isolated cocoon.

Case in point: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=twitter

I’ll admit, I’ve Tweeted about Twitter. Now I’m blogging about Twitter. But if the core users of a ready-to-go communication platform spend all of their time talking about how to use the platform, instead of just making it happen, that’s what I call post-modern psychic masturbation.

Don’t create a wiki article about how to use wikis for harnessing, synergizing, and leveraging organizational knowledge nuggets. Use a wiki to start doing the things you need it to do.

Remember how Gutenberg is known for having printed that pamphlet on how great printing presses are and the many ways in which they can be used? Of course not. The Holy Roman Emperor probably made post-modern psychic masturbation punishable by death. No, he printed a f*cking poem, and then a Bible. Amazingly, despite the total lack of modern amenities like the Internet and vacuous corporate babble, people were smart enough to understand the value of the printing press.

The lesson: do it well, and do it clearly, and people will get it.