I noticed after a few months of walking up and down my hallway that every office label has the room number in braille right below where its written. That’s really thoughtful. Now the blind guy walking down the hallway only has to walk down the hallway with his hands all over BOTH WALLS, the ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE HALLWAY, like an IDIOT to try and find the right room. Unless he knows the room well in which case the braille isn’t so very helpful. Not to mention the braille is the same color as the room sign so a “sighted” person doesn’t notice it, and even if they did, wouldn’t it be more helpful for them to say, “HEY, THAT’S ROOM NUMBER XXXX” rather than, “THE BRAILLE IS TWO FEET TO YOUR LEFT”?

Helpful tactic but terrible strategy. Sounds similar to a Yudkowsky post.