We just launched a wiki as a knowledge management tool. A few people played around with it and added some short entries. Then I grew weary of waiting and unveiled it to the entire analyst and research team. The whole system seems ridiculously easy to use, as far I can see, and the benefits should be astounding. Finally we’ll have a way to remember, reuse, and “leverage” all of the arcane research and “knowledge” generated throughout the cubicles.

Adoption has not been as thorough as I had hoped. I think in part that many of the analysts see a mostly blank slate and don’t feel the impetus to contribute to what will become a public good. Perhaps waiting a little longer and getting a small team to contribute a better kernel of information would have helped spur interest in the wiki. More likely than not a core group of users will take interest and begin publishing material, and other analysts will slowly fall behind them such that adoption takes on a low grade exponential form.