If I think that I’m smart, funny, and charming, it wouldn’t do me well to do periodically instruct my friends that, “Hey, by the way, I’m smart, funny, and charming. Remember that.” Very quickly they would probably think that I’m none of the above. Far better for me to simply live those characteristics and let others judge (and judge away they will). So why do businesses make pronunciations like that, and why do we buy it?

The worst thing a business can do to its image is profess to have the community’s interest in mind, to put the customer first, to value employees as the most important asset, and then do anything that contradicts that message. Again, far better to simply do the things professed and let the reputation build by itself.

Maybe I have yet to fully grasp how large companies work, but it seems beside the point to indoctrinate new employees in the culture of an organization through specialized training when they’ll be immersed in that culture. The result of the training will be redundant or disappointing. Oh, yes, people here are solution oriented just like I was taught in training. Oh, that whole bit about teamwork was a bucket of tripe.