I’m thinking of ways to use Facebook to assist me in looking for a new job, or new “gigs”. Facebook provides a huge network in the right demographic. I far more Facebook friends than Linked In connections. The problem is that if I link to my resume on Facebook, all of the sudden my coworker Facebook friends spot what’s going on. Due to the way information travels in my company, even well intentioned coworkers might accidentally let slip that I’m seeking other employment.

Alternatively, I could use a job-seeking application that stores a link to my resume and perhaps some additional information, and also allows me to block certain people from seeing the content (or even better, the application at all!). It could allow me to make this information available to anyone else. Better, it could connect to people with a “recruiter” setting so that they can see all the job seekers and filter them by network, etc.

In effect, you could use Facebook’s huge existing network to job seek like you might use Linked In, except the network you have on Facebook is probably bigger and more representative of your real life network.