ZDNet, why did I expect more from you?

I *leveraged* the term '**Web 2.0** in the enterprise' into
'**Web 3.0**' with the idea that most of the existing **Web 2.0**
software wouldn’t make it into the enterprise because of security,
feature/function, or platform issues, and needless to say, integration.

Wow. This is a language nightmare. It also strikes me as technologically unnecessary. Whether you think “Web 2.0” is a ridiculously silly and hollow term or you drink the tech-lingo Kool-Aid, the Web 2.0 concept doesn’t change significantly just because the application sits behind a firewall and runs off an enterprise database. A social bookmarking tool that runs on .NET, based on Active Directory security, and integrated into a business reporting tool (no, it doesn’t make sense, but that’s what happens sometimes when business and technology collide) isn’t suddenly “Web 3.0” because its no longer running on a LAMP server.