Now that Alaska Governor, soon to be ex-Governor Sarah Palin is free of her obligations in Anchorage, national Republican leaders including Michael Steele are rolling out the welcome mat for her to campaign nationally for Republican candidates. Quite understandable, given the fervent support she manages among people who put political bumper stickers on their cars and signs in their lawns. But the Associated Press reports that in Virginia and New Jersey the state Republican Parties are “wary” of inviting soon to be ex-Governor Sarah Palin to campaign on their behalves.

The AP leans too far - that the parties aren’t actively seeking out Palin when no one yet has a clear idea of what she’s really doing hardly means they’re wary of her. But at least in Virginia the Republican Party would be wise to maintain some distance. In a state that Democrats have won in both national and state elections, it makes little sense to inject a polarizing figure remembered more for her incoherent interviews than her significant policy ignorance. Or maybe its the other way around.

Palin’s rhetoric may resound with voters in states harder hit by the economy. But anyone who thinks that Virginia’s median voters are going to vote for someone associated with a losing VP candidate, resigned governor should probably go slay some salmon.