I see nothing wrong with using intuition to motivate philosophical thought (of any stripe). It is a very basic thought process but frequently works quite well and at little mental cost. But as a vehicle for arriving at definite truths I think it is an inadequate choice.

I would say, quite unoriginally, that intuition is the brain’s process for shortcutting thinking. A concept is intuitive if it makes sense, generally with minimal cognitive effort. But so much research in psychology tells us that our intuitions are fraught with cognitive biases. Intuition is just what we call our set of heuristics. We should expect that intellectual truths based on intuitions will be biased unless our intuitions have all been verified as unbiased and true.

So while it might pay to rely on intuition to make daily decisions, it seems like a cop-out to use intuition as a justification for truths of any kind, philosophical, scientific, economic, or artistic. Intuition is a good opener but a terrible closer.