The first thing you notice when you walk into the bank is that it looks really dated. You need to access your account information but can’t find the teller window. Oops, you need to walk through a maze of advertisements for irrelevant financial products first. Ah… now there it is, the teller window. You advise the teller that you want to check your account balance and pay a bill. “Your account balance is $534.34." Okay, great, time to pay the bill. "Sorry, bill pay is down right now. Maybe if you come back later."<br /><br />Next you ask to speak to someone about why your balance is wrong in the statement files you downloaded for your financial software. "Sorry, you'll have to make a phone call for that kind of inquiry."<br /><br />When you walk toward the door a peppy assistant jumps in front of you asking if you want to hear about the bank's new home equity loans. "Do you want to hear all about it? Do you want to hear about it the NEXT TIME you come to the bank? Do you want me to pack up and get the @#$* out of your way?” You choose the last one and leave.

This exercise revealed why most bank websites suck. Because most banks suck.

I suggest Wesabe.